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“I contacted Andy Lockridge because I was hoping to get a Medicare supplement. Andy found out about a free policy I qualified for as a military widow. He could have just sold me a policy himself, but he didn’t think twice about sharing this good information with me. I want anyone who is in contact with Andy Lockridge to know that he is an honest and trustworthy insurance agent.” D.W. – Chino Valley, Arizona

Here’s My Quick Story

Hey, I’m Andy Lockridge and I would like to welcome you to! I could bore you with my whole life story or talk about myself in third person. Instead, what I will do is give you the short version of who I am and what I have achieved by focusing on better health for seniors.

  • Since 1996, Lockridge & Associates has served the entire state of Arizona.
  • I was a top five producer in long-term care sales with Equitable Life and Casualty.
  • In the last 12 months, my team and I have saved our clients over $50,000 in annual premiums.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 602.228.6992.

When I teach at the community colleges, my aim in the “Making Sense of Medicare” classes is to help people understand the main question I’m asked, “What does medicare cover?” If you want to be someone who makes informed decisions about your healthcare, even if you don’t live in Arizona, then sign up for the “Medicare Starter Kit.”

“Over the years I have had several insurance agents. Andy Lockridge stands head and shoulders above all of them for thoroughness (he explains his policies completely and in understandable terms) and in the way he justifies his recommended coverage without trying to oversell. He’s also a tiger when he’s convinced he’s right! I never thought I would tell anyone that I met an insurance agent that I liked. It is a pleasure to welcome him into our home.” D.C. – Sun City, Arizona